Monday, November 10, 2008

A Nov. 2008 new relase from Penguin Books India

Songs of the Gurus; From Nanak to Govind Singh
by Khushwant Singh
"The Sikh religion was founded by Guru Nanak (1469–1539), who drew upon the teachings of Muslim Sufis and Hindu Bhaktas. In its purest form Sikhism is about unity, simplicity, equality and surrender (to God), and the verses of the Sikh Gurus—most of them included in the Granth Sahib—articulate this beautifully. This elegantly illustrated edition contains a selection of verses from the Guru Granth Sahib and other sacred texts like Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Vairagmayi Bani and the Dasam Granth of Guru Gobind Singh. Brilliantly translated by Khushwant Singh, leading scholar of Sikh history and culture and best-selling author, these moving mystical hymns retain the immediacy and the lyricism of the originals. In addition, vibrant and imaginative illustrations by Arpana Caur, one of India’s most celebrated artists, make this a collection to treasure."
Courtesy : Penguin Books India

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A women's Detactive novel from Roli books

The Page 3 Murders
by Kalpana Swaminathan
This readable Bestseller is published by Roli Books
Lalli, a retired police officer, has been invited to a weekend party at Ardeshir Villa. It’s to be a foodie weekend. However, the lunch is late ... the cook is in the kitchen and he is very dead. Lalli gets to work.
Courtesy : Roli Books

Friday, November 7, 2008

A fiction from Random House India

The Immigant
by Manju kapoor
Nina is a thirty year old English lecturer, struggling to make ends meet for herself and her widowed mother. She sees herself as increasingly off the shelf—after all what prospects would an impoverished girl have without a father to marry her off? Then, unexpectedly, a proposal arrives. Ananda is a dentist in Halifax, Canada. He has spent his twenties painstakingly building his career, and has had no time to get married. The two start to write to each other, then talk on the phone, and finally Ananda arrives in New Delhi to propose. At first uncertain, Nina eventually agrees. When the two marry, she leaves her home and her country to build a new life with her husband. But there is always more to marriage than courtship. And as Nina discovers truths about her husband - both sexual and emotional - her fragile new life in Canada begins to unravel. No one writes about middle class family life with the nuance and tenderness of Manju Kapur. The Immigrant is another mesmerizing saga from this most beloved of novelists
Courtesy: Random House India

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Best Seller of HarperCollins India

Keep off the Grass
by Karan Bajaj
Are you a Share market lover. Like Ivestment in Shares & Mutual funds. If answer is yes. This Best seller is for you. Abut this HarperCollins Says :
What do you do when you are a twenty-five-year-old Yale graduate making half-a-million dollars a year as a hotshot investment banker on Wall Street? You bust your ass and become a millionaire by thirty, of course. Not if you are Samrat Ratan, born in the USA to immigrant Indian parents; you quit and enrol in business school in India instead. Samrat's rollercoaster journey begins at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Bangalore, where he spends his time getting high on marijuana while his grades – and self-confidence – plummet. Soon, Samrat's quest for identity turns increasingly bizarre as it takes him places he hadn't planned on visiting – prison, for example – and makes him do things he hadn't banked on doing: 'meditating' stoned with a sexy Danish hippie in the Himalayas, hanging out with a cannibal on the banks of the Ganga, and peddling soap to the formidable Raja Bhaiya in Benares. Does Samrat – Yale valedictorian, investment banker, convict, pothead – survive his fall from grace?
Courtesy : Harpercollins India ( details & picture)

Monday, November 3, 2008

A very nice Book for your reading table

The Post American World
written by Fareed Zakaria
A very good non-fiction from the publishing house of India.
This well known book is published by Penguin books India.
Courtesy: Penguin books India ( Picture only)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beyond the Blue

Beyond the Blue
(rupa & Co.)
A collection of 14 Science Fiction
By. Sukanya Datta
A delightful array of fourteen science fiction stories; all perched at the point of the just possible! Each story is firmly rooted in scientific fact but its branches fruit in an enchanted land where fantasy and fiction merge seamlessly. The flight of imagination takes the readers into a bewitchingly suspense-filled realm replete with warmth, understanding and humour.
Courtesy: Rupa & Co. ( picture & details)

Hundred Foot journey

new relase of Harpercollins Publishers India

written by RICHARD C .MORAIS

So many attractive titles are relaised by Harpercollins.

Hundred Foot Journey can give a plasure of reading.
Courtesy : Harpercollins Publishers India (Publication Image)